That Awkward Hug When You Meet A Friend You Haven't Seen In A While: IE My Awkward Welcome


This would be The Awkward Corner.

Where I be my awkward self.

I will speak of writing! (I write)

I will link videos! (I surf YouTube)

I will curse! (That's a fair warning)

I will make commentary on life! (I am alive, therefor have complete authority on it)

Stuff will happen!

It will be completely and awkwardly random.

Nothing shall make sense.

There shall be many rants.

There shall be many life opinions.

There shall be writing discussion.

I think I covered that already.


Hush now. What happens in The Awkward Corner, stays in The Awkward Corner.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Addressing My Audience/Readers: IE My Ramblings To Myself

Well. We (I) can safely assume that there is no one reading this.
Other than I, of course.
Why hello, Sycamore!
How am I doing?
Well, I suppose.
I have been overusing the word awkward today.
This is The Awkward Corner.
But even The Awkward Corner needs variation. Synonyms. Namely a thesaurus.
I'm sure that if I were ever to attract readers, they shall stumble upon this page and laugh at my awkwardness to be talking to myself.
Unless I delete this. However, to preserve the awkwardness of this site, I shall pledge to never delete this.
You may laugh, future readers that may never exist! However, at The Awkward Corner, corner of oddities, ungainly, inelegant and delightfully gawky, we do no judge!
So laugh...
But no judging!
This blog's arms is open to any reasonably awkward person.

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