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This would be The Awkward Corner.

Where I be my awkward self.

I will speak of writing! (I write)

I will link videos! (I surf YouTube)

I will curse! (That's a fair warning)

I will make commentary on life! (I am alive, therefor have complete authority on it)

Stuff will happen!

It will be completely and awkwardly random.

Nothing shall make sense.

There shall be many rants.

There shall be many life opinions.

There shall be writing discussion.

I think I covered that already.


Hush now. What happens in The Awkward Corner, stays in The Awkward Corner.

Friday, May 31, 2013

All About Posts: IE The Deal With This Blog And Me

First, I realized that I never introduced myself. How remiss of me. Please excuse my regrettable lack of manners.

Hello. My name is unavailable to you because this is the Interweb. And everyone knows the Interweb is no place for personal information!
  • This person creature is a writer. I think you probably gathered that.
  • The person creature is also very into books. Rabidly into them, in fact. There is only one thing this blog cannot stand and that is the  book haters.
  • I am really bad at life. Seriously. I am just. Intensely bad at being social. This is why not a lot of people like me. But you do, right? You like me?  TELL ME I'M PRETTY.
  • I like to think that I'm an eccentric. Really, I do. 
  • Let me admit that I have some issues. (Lies. All lies. She is an issue. Wow, when did we get into third person. Wait. When did this become the royal we. What. I am lost.)
  • Right, I am female. Yep.
  • I tend to spaz/flip out/geek over many things. Uhm... This may be the place I do that. May.

Onto the blog!
So I have officially made a pact with myself to try to write a new post each week.
I dunno why.
To share my world with others.
If that wasn't cheesy, I don't know what is.
I think I need to reestablish what this blog is.
(What do I tell the people?!?! Wait a minute. There are no people.)
Hello, no people.
The point of this blog is to spread the awkward. To ramble about life. To create a place where people like me and unlike me can gather and talk about stuff.
It's for authors, poets, artists, scientists, singers, whatever you can do, share it with the world. I have created this place to build a safe haven for opinions, people and voices.
Hopefully it's doing that, although, I'd probably have to have viewers for this to work. Which I'm pretty sure I don't. Oh well.
Butts and what not.

Look. This is for the people who think they're unliked. Someone who feels down. Anybody who needs to relate. This is for anybody who needs it.
So please. Comment. Say things. Talk.Yell at me if you need to. Share your writing with me, share your artwork with me, be entertained by my ravings.

This is not just me talking to myself. Please don't make it that.

I have enough problems without having imaginary viewers. Then again, one of my problems is talking to myself. This is basically talking to myself. I-
Done with this line of thought.
What was I talking about, again?

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