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Friday, May 31, 2013


*spoiler alert*
*also, cursing alert, though I should have dispensed of you prudes ages ago, *winky face to show that I am joking and not being offensive* However, I really don't like people who get their underthings in wads over a word that's not even affecting them or hurting them but that is a rant for another post. Literally. That is another post. And this alert is getting long. Okay.*

I just
I can't
I read this book today called Pretty Girl-13 (you can click on the link to go to the Amazon page for the book) and it was fucking TERRIFYING
I just.
HOly CrAp on a stick.

I basically spent the entire morning flipping over this book. Hyperventilation was involved. So was spazziful movements. My friends were probably ready to slap me. Sorry....

But this book is legitimately just- merps.

Okay, basically (this is where the spoilers come in) this girl was kidnapped when she was 13. Suddenly she appears back home three years later with amnesia. They discover she has DID, dissociative identity disorder, or multiple personalty disorder. You learn more about her captivity and find out that her kidnapper had raped her. You also learn that she had DID before she was kidnapped because her uncle- who is only eight years older than her- had been molesting her. Then at the end you find out that she had a child with her kidnapper and that that child was given up for adoption and had been the child she was babysitting.

This is some intensely heavy shite.

But this book is insanely good. Okay, not insanely good but still quite good. I mean it's the whole "Ermergerd this is just so terrifying but I can't put it down, I must know what happens!"

The problem is I get feels- I hope whoever reads this know what that means you can refer to my post about being a fangirl. Basically the whole damn post is a tangle of feels. Anyway, I get really into books. So...

cough cough geek cough cough

Thank you. I am a geek.

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