That Awkward Hug When You Meet A Friend You Haven't Seen In A While: IE My Awkward Welcome


This would be The Awkward Corner.

Where I be my awkward self.

I will speak of writing! (I write)

I will link videos! (I surf YouTube)

I will curse! (That's a fair warning)

I will make commentary on life! (I am alive, therefor have complete authority on it)

Stuff will happen!

It will be completely and awkwardly random.

Nothing shall make sense.

There shall be many rants.

There shall be many life opinions.

There shall be writing discussion.

I think I covered that already.


Hush now. What happens in The Awkward Corner, stays in The Awkward Corner.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My Welcome Back Post: IE An Explanation For The Absence

So... I um. Deleted this blog a while back. Three months to be precise.
I haven't really an excuse...
I guess I was wondering what was the point of this. Sharing my opinion, my thoughts, namely rants, to be exact.
Who cares?
Everyone's got their own life to live, own problems to stress about.
And maybe, I confess, a part of me wanted people to care.
Which is terribly ridiculous, I know. But don't we all want to know we matter?
Are you there world? It's me, [insert name here because we all know that putting your name up on the interweb is never a good idea].
But today I had an Epiphany. Yes, an epiphany with an uppercase E. It is that important- although I must admit, I seem to be having a lot of Epiphanies this year.
My Epiphany is this:
Although nobody may care and I may be ranting and sharing(? writing? speaking? What's the word to use in this context?) to thin air, at least I am ranting/sharing/whatevering to something, if not someone.

*le pause*

I feel like that was deep.
Was it deep?
Crap, now this sounds like a diary.
I promise this will be my only deep post! (I'm possibly lying...)
Anyone else feeling a little awkward here?
Right, nobody is here.
I am such a fail.
This IS the Corner of the Reasonably...yeah the name's to long. Do over! I call a do over!

This IS the Corner of  RADGACI.
....and all ye awkward folk, though you may never stumble upon this blog, are welcome.

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